Late Arrivals:

If you arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time, your therapist may still provide your massage. If you are more than 10 minutes late your session may need to be rescheduled, at the therapist's discretion. Please understand that in order for us to remain on time for other obligations, sessions starting late must end at the scheduled time and will be charged for the full scheduled duration.

Cancellation Policy:

Because we do not accept walk-ins and it is possible that your therapist is traveling from another location to provide your session, we require 24 hours notice of cancellation if you will be unable to keep your appointment.

Cancellation must be made by phone or email (no text messages please). Excluding emergencies, weather or illness, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may be charged 100% of the session fee.

No-shows will be charged 100% of the session fee.

Insurance patients providing less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will be charged our self-pay session fee. Please note that your insurance will not cover fees for missed sessions.


We value your feedback. If you would like to provide a testimonial, you may do so by emailing or by mailing your testimonial to Brenna Wegman at 1780 S Bellaire St Ste 155 Denver CO 80221.

Please include the following:

Your testimonial regarding our services, our therapists, how we have helped you or any other information you care to include.

How we may display your identifier - full name, initials, etc.

How we may contact you if we have questions - we will not post your contact information with your testimonial.

By submitting a testimonial, you are giving us the right to display it on our website or other marketing materials for BodyWorks Therapeutic Massage.


"I have Fibromyalgia and have tried a number of different massage therapists with little success or pain relief. One therapist's treatment put me in bed for two days; another gave me a deep tissue treatment which caused migraine headaches. Julie is well aware of how to handle highly-sensitive individuals. I received immediate relief after my first session with her and experienced none of the negative side effects I experienced from other treatments. As we continue with my therapy, I feel continued benefits and have been able to tolerate longer sessions and gradually increased pressure.

Julie has an innate ability to determine where my problems are based on where I feel pain, and addresses them as they arise. There are many times I am unaware of the true source of my pain until she starts my treatment. The amount of relief I receive from her treatments is immeasurable. Overall, the neuromuscular therapy provided by Julie, along with my acupuncture treatments, are the two things that have helped me reduce my pain medications and continue to function for the past several years. I plan to continue with Julie to maximize my strength, range of motion, pain relief and general feelings of well-being.

I highly recommend Julie to anyone wanting to improve their health and lessen the severity of any chronic pain condition."

~Jo H, client since 2007

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

"As the Operations Manager for a non-profit with a fast-paced, high-stress working environment, the well-being of our staff members is one of my top priorities. When the workload increases, so does the stress. We do not have much control over our workload, but we can control our stress.

As part of our Wellness Program we offer chair massage every four weeks. [They] have really helped relieve tension from stress and from working at computers all day...Offering chair massage to our staff has demonstrated our commitment to keeping them happy and healthy."

~ Colorado Health Institute, Denver. Corporate Chair Massage Client since May 2007.

"I didn't know how much benefit I was getting for the pain, coldness and tingling in my hands until I didn't receive massage for a month!"... "I've gotten some good pointers for my TMJ disorder from Julie."... "She is very good at taking care of the problem and relieving the pain."

~ Forerunner Corporation (Engineering), Lakewood. Quotes taken from responses to an employee survey. Corporate Chair and Table Massage Client since October 2005